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Our primary service involves the comprehensive preparation of planning applications, guiding clients from initial concept sketches to obtaining crucial planning permission. This process entails a commitment to producing planning drawings and statements that effectively showcase your proposal.


Key components of your service include

1. Concept Development

We work closely with you to develop initial concept sketches that capture their vision for the project while also aligning with planning regulations and local requirements.

2. Detailed Documentation

We create a planning package including plans, elevations, and street scenes, which help stakeholders visualise the proposed development and understand its impact on the surrounding area.

3. Planning Statements

We craft persuasive planning statements that articulate the merits of the proposed development, addressing relevant planning policies and highlighting its positive contributions to the local community.

4. Acting as Agent

As part of your service, we serve as the client’s agent throughout the planning application process. This involves submitting the application, communicating with consultants and the Local Planning Authority, and addressing any concerns or objections raised by neighbouring residents.

5. Community Engagement

Where required, we actively engage with the local community to address concerns and gather feedback, demonstrating a commitment to transparent and inclusive planning processes.

6. Advocacy

In cases where a planning application requires further discussion or review, we advocate on behalf of your clients by speaking at committee meetings and presenting compelling arguments in support of the proposal.

7. Issue Resolution

We adopt a proactive approach to resolving any issues that may arise during the planning process, ensuring that obstacles are swiftly addressed to keep the project on track.