Oaktree Project

Guildford, Surrey
Architecture design


The project involved the sensitive restoration and modernisation of the original house, the demolition of an existing lean-to garage and the construction of a new rear kitchen dining extension. After careful evaluation of numerous design options, it was determined that a sleek, flat-roofed extension would best complement the proportions of the original house, seamlessly integrating old and new elements. Clad in contemporary white render, the extension offers a striking contrast to the brick facade of the main residence. 

A contemporary single-storey rear extension was introduced for the new kitchen and dining area, with some outdoor seating. The extension in contemporary white render extension stands in contrast to the brick of the host dwelling. The extension opens to views of the garden with large sliding glazed doors. Minimalist detailing and generous glazed openings foster a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors, infusing the living spaces with an abundance of natural light and a sense of serenity. 

The original house has been uplifted; Internal spaces are thoughtfully redesigned and refurbished to accommodate the new layout, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout the dwelling. A comprehensive upgrade, including full rewiring, enhancements to the building fabric, and the installation of an air source heat pump, elevates the property to modern standards of comfort and sustainability. 



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