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What is planning permission?

In the UK, planning permission is official approval needed for certain developments or changes to land or buildings.

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What is permitted development?

Permitted development refers to certain types of construction and changes to existing buildings or land that can be carried out without the need for formal planning permission from the local planning authority. Permitted development rights are typically granted by national or local planning regulations and allow

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Verify local regulations for garage conversions

A garage conversion is a relatively cost-effective way to increase space in your house. Be it a gym, children’s play area, office, additional bedroom or living space, this can add value to your house price.  The need for planning permission for a garage conversion depends on

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When a planning application is refused?

When a planning application is refused, several outcomes and options may follow:  1. Appeal: The applicant can appeal the decision to a higher authority, such as a planning inspectorate or a planning appeals board, depending on the jurisdiction. The appeal process typically involves submitting additional information

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