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Woking, Surrey
Architecture design

Sandfields Project

This 2 bedroom bungalow built in 1920s needs modernisation. The client’s requirement for this project was for 5 bedrooms, to modernise the bungalow’s interior layout and systems while maintaining its external appearance, thus converting a classic bungalow into a contemporary dwelling. 

Internally, the bungalow underwent a comprehensive reconfiguration to accommodate contemporary living standards without compromising its character. Walls were selectively removed, and a rear extension was added to create an open-plan layout, fostering seamless transitions between living spaces while maximising natural light ingress. 

The planning approval was granted for this 5-bedroom transformation – 4 bedrooms to the first floor and the master-bedroom with ensuite and walk-in closet to the loft space.  

We successfully transformed this bungalow into a modern residence tailored to contemporary lifestyles. Our approach prioritised functionality, and respect for architectural heritage, resulting in a seamless fusion of past and present. 


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